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 AUTHOR: Dhannūn, Bāsim

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1. Lamaḥāt wa-lawḥāt fī al-khaṭṭ al-‘Arabī
by Dhannūn, Bāsim

Issue Year: 2016
Our Price: $16.00

Subject: Calligraphy, Arabic.


2. Qalam al-khaṭṭ ‘alá adīm al-waraq
by Dhannūn, Bāsim

Issue Year: 2013
Our Price: $4.00

Subject: Calligraphy, Arabic.


3. Sirr al-ḥurūf wa-siḥr al-takwīn
by Dhannūn, Bāsim

Issue Year: 2014
Our Price: $15.00

Subject: Calligraphy, Arabic -- History.