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 AUTHOR: Mabrūk, ‘Alī

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1. ‘An al-imāmah wa-al-siyāsah wa-al-khiṭāb al-tārīkhī fī ‘ilm al-‘aqā’id
by Mabrūk, ‘Alī

Issue Year: 2004
Our Price: $14.00

Subject: Islamic sects .


2. al-Imāmah wa-al-siyāsah
by Mabrūk, ‘Alī

Issue Year: 2015
Our Price: $16.00

Subject: Islam and state.


3. al-Nubūwah, min ‘ilm al-‘aqā’id ilá falsafat al-tārīkh ...
by Mabrūk, ‘Alī

Issue Year: 1993
Our Price: $10.00


4. al-Sulṭah wa-al-muqaddas
by Mabrūk, ‘Alī

Issue Year: 2005
Our Price: $7.00

Title is currently out-of-print
Subject: Islam and politics.


5. Nuṣūṣ ḥawla al-Qur’ān fī al-sa‘y warā’ al-Qur’ān al-ḥayy
by Mabrūk, ‘Alī

Issue Year: 2015
Our Price: $13.00

Subject: Koran -- Criticism, interpretation, etc..